“His speciality is to paint the Icelandic Horse, with a rider or without, in the Icelandic nature, its natural habitat.”

“His scenic landscape pictures are colorful, big and magical, he has never been afraid to allow the colors to express feelings and conjure up contrasts.”

Where I’m from

Torfi Harðarson is from Reykjadal in Hrunamannahrepp, he finished his study of Engine Fitting from Iðnskólanum in Reykjavik in the year 1975 and worked as a mechanic for 11 years. For the last 16 years Torfi has worked as a painter, illustrator and graphic designer. The last 5 years he has concentrated more on painting and has exhibited his work in 11 private exhibitions.

Where they come from

His illustrative material is his closest surroundings, the beautiful nature of Iceland. He has also specialised in painting the Icelandic Horse, whether in nature or on the track.

His equestrian paintings are well known and he as a great ability to make the paintings come to life, with movement and power.

How they are done

His landscape paintings are colourful, big and magical, and he is not afraid of the use of bold colours and contrasts.

He has also been known to make great illustrations of well known people in Iceland and have they been published in the Equestrian Magazine Eiðfaxi and other Icelandic Publications.

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